NAR WebServer Issue Publication - mtDNA-Server

Providing Hadoop as a Service is the main goal of Cloudgene, as described in one of my previous blog entries. Since Cloudgene is only the platform, useful use cases need to be implemented and integrated in Cloudgene. Here I want to introduce our newest service called mtDNA-Server, which have been published in the NAR WebServer Issue 2016.

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NAR WebServer Issue Publication - HaploGrep2

In 2011 we published HaploGrep, a way to assign haplogroups to mtDNA profiles. It is now the defacto standard for haplogroup assignment with currently >2k users each month.

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Hadoop Services for Everyone

This post shows how we combine the Hadoop Docker Image (CDH5) with our Hadoop workflow system Cloudgene. Due to Cloudgene's interface, new applications can be registered to Cloudgene and provided as a service to everyone. Read more

Setting up a HTTPS Restlet Webserver

For all of our services (such as Haplogrep), we are using Restlet on server side. This blog entry summarizes the necessary steps to set up a working HTTPS Restlet Server with a valid certificate and a trusted connection. Check out the Github Repo for the source code!

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